How does it work?

SWS Pre-Arrival Orientation Program

The best time for students to commence their orientation is when the education provider is issuing the student’s Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

The following is an outline for the delivery of Student Welcome Services:

  1. When an Education Institution issues the students CoE, the Institution simply inputs brief details of that particular student in their administrator’s account on the SWS platform
  2. Then, SWS will immediately generate an activation link for the institution’s student and explain the steps required to complete the pre-arrival orientation program
  3. A personalised username and password will be entered by the student once they login with their activation link
  4. Each institution will have its own personal account and the institution administrator(s) will be able to log into and access the relevant information (and reports) that have been captured for all their students. (NOTE: each institution has the opportunity to fully brand their orientation homepage and it will appear as it is developed by the Education Provider with their branding and logo)
  5. Students can start the orientation package at their leisure and can save their position in a topic and return at a later time

How does an Education Institution access reports on what the student has achieved with their online orientation program? Please click on Provider Access to learn more.