Navigating the App

When you first enter the app, you have two tabs to choose from:

  • The Groups tab
  • The Courses tab

The Groups tab

The groups tab displays a list of your Education Provider's class groups and can be used for quick-access to student class groups, as well as student reporting.

Quick-access Class Group Management

For quick access to a specific class group, click the yellow "Manage" button next to the class group.

Student Reports

Student reports are available that display the number of units completed by each student. To access these reports click the blue "Reports" button next to the education provider name or class group name.

If you are viewing the student report for the education provider (not class group), select a date range next to the "Students" report, and click the green "Go" button.

From the Education Provider or Class Group report, you can click the number of unit tests or activities they have completed, to view a complete breakdown of unit tests and activities. These are colour coded according their status of pass (green), fail (red) or not attempted (blue).

The Courses tab

Every Education Provider has an individual Student Welcome Services course. To view and manage your education provider course, please navigate to the “Courses” tab, where you can find your Student Welcome Services course with buttons to: