Customing the Website and Course

Request Edits

To request edits to your Student Welcome Services course, please email


Custom brand your Student Welcome Services course to make sure that students recognise your institution. The following branding customisations are available to your Student Welcome Services website.


Your logo is displayed at the top of your Student Welcome Services website where it is visible from all pages, and hyperlinks to your website. Please note the below restrictions – if the file you supply is not within these, our development team can reduce it for you.

Logos restrictions:

  • maximum file size = 200kb
  • maximum width = 160px
  • maximum height = 80px

Colour Scheme

Provide the hex or rgb colour values for one to two colours to be used in your Student Welcome Services website. Alternatively, our development team has the tools to extract these colour values from your logo or website.

Social Media

Social media icons are displayed at the bottom of the home page. Please email the hyperlinks for any social media accounts you wish to share with your students. Social media icons are available for the following, and text hyperlinks are available for any not included here:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Vimeo
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Blogger


Your CRICOS code is displayed in the footer and is visible from all pages on your Student Welcome Services website.

Home Page Content

Email any content you wish to include on your Student Welcome Services home page. Most education providers include a letter from the institution’s international department to the new arriving student. You can also include any media files, such as images and/or video.

Course Content

Subscribing to the National Course

The ‘national course’ refers to the 17 standard units that come with your Student Welcome Services orientation website. All education providers are subscribed to the national course, which allows you to receive automatic ongoing free maintenance and updates provided by the Student Welcome Services team.

Customising the Course

Whilst customisations cannot be made direct to national course units, the following modifications can be made to your course:

  • Manage visibility of national subscribed units
  • Edit section label, unit and page titles
  • Create new (custom) section label, units and pages
  • Manage structure/ordering of the course

To make any customisations to your course, email Please include any content such as text and media files required for your customisation.

Please note that Student Welcome Services does not take responsibility for maintaining Education Provider custom content, however you can email updates through to to be applied as needed.