Frequently Asked Questions

Can national course units be modified?

National course units cannot be directly modified – however the SWS development team can:

  1. Hide national unit or page from view
  2. Create a custom unit or page with modified content

Please note that you (the Education Provider) are in charge of maintaining any custom content. You can email any updates or requests for modified content through to

Can the order of national and custom units within the menu be modified?

Yes – the system now has a drag-n-drop interface that allows units to be re-ordered with ease. This can be done from the Edit page, or you can email Re-ordering of menu items will not affect your subscription to edits and updates of national content.

Do I need an email invite message?

You only need an invite email message if you plan on sending invites using the PIER Apps system. If you choose to provide students with the register link instead – then you do not have to setup an invite email message on the system.

I can't find the email invite message I added previously. Where has it gone?

Email invite messages are applied to a specific class group. If you can't see your invite message you should check your other class groups to find it. When you find it, you can copy the text and then go to the desired class group to add it as a new email invite message.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can use the Forgot Password function to receive an email to reset your password. You can find this function on the login page.

Alternatively you can go directly to:

PIER Apps:

Student Welcome Services:

I have forgotten which email address I used to register for PIER Apps. What should I do?

If you are logged into PIER Apps, you can click your name in the top right corner and choose the Profile menu item. Your email address, among other details is displayed here.

If you are not logged in, and wish to find out the email address linked to your PIER Apps or SWS account, you can email

I wish to edit my personal details on PIER Apps. What should I do?

Click your name in the top right corner and choose the Profile menu item.