Managing Class Groups

From the Courses tab, click the red “Manage” button and then the blue Class Group Management icon (to the left of the red recycle bin icon). You will then find yourself on the "Class Group Management" page.

From this page you can:

  • Edit class group details
  • Create new class groups
  • Manage existing class groups, including:
    • Viewing invites
    • Invite new students using the PIER Apps system
    • Invite new students using a custom registration hyperlink
    • View and edit invite email messages
    • Create new invite email messages, and
    • Purchase new invite tokens (free)

Edit Class Group Details

To edit class group details such as title and status, click the yellow pencil icon next to the designated class group.

An “invitation only” status requires students to be invited using the PIER Apps system (read more in section below).

An “Open to public” status allows students to be invited using the PIER Apps system, or via the Registration hyperlink (read more in section below). Please note, students who register using this hyperlink do not require an invitation from their education provider.

Create a New Class Group

To create a new class group, click the green “New Class Group” button in the top right corner, then enter the details for the new class group and click the green “Create Group” button.

Our suggestion: set one class group with an “open to public” status and all other class groups with “invite only” status.

The “open to public” class group can be used for students who register via the registration hyperlink, which will allow you as the education provider to track who is registering using this method.

All other class groups with “invite only” status can be used as normal for students invited using the PIER Apps System.

Management of Existing Class Groups

To view and manage class group students, invite messages and tokens, click the green Eye icon next to the class group on the Class Group Management page.

View Invites

From the Class Group page – click on the “Invited” tab

Invites have one status applied to them:

  • Unused – refers to empty tokens (these are available to invite more students)
  • Active – refers to an invited student who has not yet registered for the course
  • Used – refers to a student who has registered for the course

Invite New Students via PIER Apps System

From the class group page, click on the “Send Invites” tab, add the student email addresses (using options below) and click the green “Send Invitation” button to email the invitations instantly.

Option 1:

  • Type email addresses into the input box provided
    • Email addresses must be listed one per line

Option 2:

  • Attach an excel spreadsheet (.csv file format)
    • Include a single column titled 'email', with email addresses listed one per line (make sure the 'email' heading is all lowercase letters)

Invite Students via Registration Hyperlink

Every education provider has their own registration page where students can fill in their details and be added to the most recent class group with an “open to public” status upon successfully completing registration. This is a good alternative for education providers who wish to invite students to register using their own system, e.g. instructions and the registration link can be provided with the student’s offer letter.

The registration link is the same as the education provider’s custom SWS website link, with /register at the end.

For example:

If your SWS website hyperlink is:

Then your register link would be:

Please note:

  • This registration page does not require the student to have been invited by the Education provider
  • Education providers should only supply this link to students they want to use the link to register for SWS
  • By setting only one class group with an “open to public” status, Education Providers can track who is registering for the website using this method

View/Edit Invite Messages

From the class group page, click on the “Invite Messages” tab. To edit an invite message, click on the yellow pencil icon next to the invite message you wish to modify. Once you are done, click the green "Update Invite Message" button.

Create New Message

From the class group page, click on the “Create New Message” tab. Type the subject and message body, and then click the green “Create invite message” button.

If you are sending invitations out using the PIER Apps system, the most recent (top) invitation message will be used.

Purchase Tokens

From the class group page, click on the “Purchase Tokens” tab. Type the quantity of tokens, and then click the green “Add Order” button.

Before your tokens are allocated, the SWS Development team will need to process your order. If your order is urgent, please email to have your tokens approved ASAP.