Organising PIER Apps User Access

PIER Apps User Access refers to access to the PIER Apps system for education provider staff members to an individual SWS account. Please note, if you wish to give an AGA or SWS staff member access to all education provider accounts, contact

To manage PIER Apps user access, go to the courses tab and click the red "Manage" button for a specific education provider. Then choose the "User Access" tab and click the green "Invite User" button. You can choose to invite an existing PIER user or a brand new user.

To invite an existing PIER user:

  1. Click in the input box labelled "Search for a user"
  2. Search for the existing user by name or email address
  3. A dropdown will appear with users matching your search preferences; select the correct user
    • If your user does not appear, you can try a different search, or add them as a new user (below)
  4. Click the green "invite existing user" button

To invite a new user:

  1. Click in the input box labelled "or enter an email address"
  2. Type the new user's email address
  3. Click the blue "Invite user by email" button